Druva Phoenix

The best server backup

Druva Phoenix: Endpoint Data Protection & Governance

DRUVA is the world’s best

platform for backup and data protection!

Forget about:

  • stress related to data loss
  • problems with server data backup
  • risks associated with data loss
  • constantly overflowing server drives

DRUVA Phoenix:

  • Assurance that important company data is safe
    you will recover data quickly, even after the server crashes
  • Protection against accidental data loss
    always (really always) you will return to the previously saved version of the file
  • Organization of data policy in the company
    access levels, no strategic data leak
  • Data safety
    multi-level encryption system
  • Data control
    multi-level data monitoring
  • Professional recovery
    ability to restore any deleted data

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DRUVA Phoenix:

  • Assurance that important data from servers is secure
  • Fast data recovery after server failure
  • Very easy and quick return to the previous version of the file
  • Guarantee that a copy of the data is available only to authorized persons

When you buy DRUVA package you will start working with professionals from Lemon Pro and you will get:

  • the opportunity to consult our experts
  • the best available IT support
  • team of the best online specialists on the market

DRUVA with Lemon Pro is the best solution for your company. Entrepreneurs around the world have appreciated this solution and have no doubts about it:

“It’s very rare to have something in the IT portfolio which is loved by both the end user and IT but that’s the case with inSync.”

Oliver Barner, IT Services Manager

  • at any time 24/7
  • at any place
  • any servers